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The Journey Begins


I have dabbled with online marketing for over 15 years. Today, I really want to put more of an effort into making over $1000/month from it. Up to this point, I have spent over $50,000 over the years on products and training. Some have been helpful. Some not so much.

For many years, I had a few websites that had advertising on it. I got paid for clicks to the advertising. For at least three or four years, this method would pay $300-$500/month. Then Google changed the way they did things and my sites (which were ranked at the top) suddenly fell several pages from the front. I lost that source of income overnight.

Then in 2010 I decided to help brick and mortar businesses local to me get an online presence – websites, Facebook, Google index, etc. That method netted me $400/month for well over 2 years. Not a whole lot, but it made a difference. Eventually, my main customers hired staff to do what I was doing. So I was left with drumming up new business or just letting it go. I’m not much of a salesman.

I was doing all of this part-time, a few hours each week. But this year, I have decided to get serious and make a full-time income from my efforts. So today, I am signing up for a training program where I get a live coach that helps me each day to do what I need to do that day.

I think in the past, this has been one of the major problems that I have had. I would buy a program or software or training, but the implementation never really happened because the accountability was not there. I have great hopes that this will be different. We shall see.


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