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Create a Website for Affiliate Marketing


Chances are you are here because you want to make money online. It doesn’t matter if you need extra income or a full-time income, it is possible to find it online. Affiliate marketing is a place that most online entrepreneurs start.

Have you considered the need to create a website for affiliate marketing? Sure, you can do CPA (Cost Per Action) marketing where you place ads that lead directly to the item you are selling for someone else. But you will do much better if you have your own website.

Branding yourself, having your own products, and connecting with your email list puts you on a whole new playing field. It is the next level in earning money online. But the question is: how do you create a website for affiliate marketing? Where do you even start?

There are many services available, some free and some paid. Hands down, you want/need your own domain name. A domain name is the address of your blog. Mine is FaitheThomas.com. Most of the time, that comes included with your hosting for the first year and then is charged to you each year (about $15).

Hosting is where your website actually lives – the real estate for your site. Usually you have to pay for hosting on a monthly or annual basis. This ranges wildly depending on where you have your hosting. I personally like WebHostingBuzz for most of my sites. Another good option is BlueHost. Both will run you $4-$12 each month depending on how you pay for it.

Okay, so now you have a domain address and a place for it to live. What next? You need to set up your website. Even with the ease of WordPress, setting up a website is a technical challenge for the feint of heart. You can spend time learning how, but it would be easier and faster to get someone to do it for you.

My Done For You service is a free service that I offer where I set up  your website for you. Yep, no charge. What is the catch? You will have to use my links to get your hosting, a piece of software, and an auto responder (for your email list). If you use those links, I’ll set up your site with your affiliate links for free.

Of course, you might be completely comfortable with WordPress enough to create a website for affiliate marketing by yourself. That’s great! Be sure you have a great free offer to gather new folks into your email list.

Once you have set up your website, you will need to add your affiliate links and great content. If you are new to all of this and want a good step-by-step approach to doing it yourself, you might want to look into Wealthy Affiliate. By the end of the first 15 lessons, you’ll have your own website all set up with the knowledge of how to add great content.


A solid foundation will set you miles ahead of the game. Start with a well-thought-though website for affiliate marketing, not just a blog. Optimize it and grow it. You’ll be well on your way to creating that online income you have always dreamed about.


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