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What is the Purpose of a Website


Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of a website? As you venture into internet marketing or affiliate marketing, you need to come to grips with the purpose of your website.

Some will say that the purpose is to make money. Some businesses will say that the purpose is to have their name on the web – so people can find them. Some hobby sites are to share information.

If you want to have a successful website, you need to remember that the purpose of your site is to help and educate!

Website-MissionEven if you have an affiliate site or an internet marketing site, your purpose should still be to help and educate. If you are only pushing items and selling things, you will not succeed as well (obviously a store site is different – but even there, store sites do better with well-rounded descriptions as well as peer reviews).

To effectively make the sales you need to be profitable, you need to communicate with your site visitor, directing him to the actions necessary to make that sale. You want the visitor to feel safe, compelled, informed, and confident that they are making a good choice in buying what you are selling.

If your site is focused on selling, the visitor will sense that. If your site is focused on helping people, the visitor will sense that too. Helping, informing and educating your visitor needs to be primary. If it is, the sales will come.


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