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How to Make Money Online for a Beginner

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make money online for beginnerMany people believe that making money online is a myth or a scam. It is not. Just about anyone with a computer, internet connection, and desire can make money online – even a beginner. Actually it is quite easy to make some money; a lot harder to make a lot of money.


How to Make Money Online for a Beginner

There are many methods to use to make money online for a beginner:

  1. Paid Surveys – There are many companies that will pay you for answering surveys. Google “paid surveys” and you can find some places. They pay $1-$50 for each survey.
  2. MTurk or Fiverr – These websites facilitate you doing a quick job for someone else for a small amount of money. If you have time or talent, these might be good options for you.
  3. Ebay – If you can find what people want at a low price, you can sell it on ebay for a higher price. Or even sell your own stuff!

Making Money Online If You Have a Skill

Working From HomeIf you have a skill, you can provide your services online. This can be anything from proofreading to knitting to woodwork. There are many places to use those skills. Here are a few: OnlineJobs.phoDeskFreelancer, or PeoplePerHour.

If you have a hobby or passion, find a way to market that online to other. Write a paper or ebook about it and then make that available. Once you have an idea, get someone to help you set up your website (or use my free Done For You service). Then use that website to advertise your services.

With the right drive, the right website, and the right advertising, you can create a full-time income and make money online even as a beginner!


  1. Hey Faithe,
    I liked what I read but I do have one question. If your offering a skill set to others is there certain things you can only offer if you have formal qualifications ? Like if a diabetic for instance wanted to get his or her blood sugar down would you need to be a personal trainer or dietitian in order to help?

    • Yes, Chris, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) there are restrictions especially in the medical area. A lot of times you can offer advice in the form of an opinion and you have to qualify your statement (i.e. “I am not giving medical advice, but here’s what has helped me…”).

      Thanks for the comment and question!

  2. Short and to the point! I agree that there are many ways to make money online. Earlier this year I started working on my first website and after 3 months I started earning just a little bit. Turning this into a steady full-time income is something I still have to figure out. One thing is for sure: there’s no gain without pain. If anybody tells you you are going to earn a lot doing very little, beware -it’s most likely a scam.

    • I totally agree, Claudia. It takes time, but it will come. There’s an African proverb I learned while living in Africa: Little by little the chicken drinks the water. Making a full-time income online is the same way. It starts of just a bit – maybe enough to buy a dinner. The next month it is more and then more. It will come.

  3. This is a great quick overview of ways to make money online. It’s crazy that many people don’t know how to start a website. I’m still learning myself. This needs to be taught in school these days because we live in such a technologically advanced world now.

    • I agree, Luke. In fact, as a homeschooling mom, I strongly feel that my daughter should have a working knowledge of how to set up a website, use a blog, and make valuable entries. She’s only in 4th grade, but we are working on these steps together. Thanks for the comment.


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