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Millions of people get paid to work at home every day. Would you like to be one of them? There are so many options for work that you can do at home and get paid to do. The “Get Paid Work Home” method really works. Here are some ideas:

  • Survey Taker – $1-$50 per survey depending on how much time it takes. There are places such as DarwinsData.com or PineConeResearch.com. Sign up for as many places as you can – but do not EVER give your social security number, bank info, or pay a membership fee. Most legit places can pay you via Paypal.
  • Website Tester – $10-$15 per site. Check out UserTesting.com or YouEye.com. Sign up for many places.
  • Film and Post How-To Videos – $1-$2/1000 hits on YouTube. Let YouTube advertise on a video you make and post. If you know now to do things (make pies, garden, build things, etc), you can do well with this method.
  • Direct Sales Person – 20-30% of product sold. This would be places like Pampered Kitchen, Avon, Young Living Essential Oils, Mary Kay. Works well if you like to be with people and have an energetic personality. Check out DirectSelling411.org for a list of legitimate opportunities.
  • English Trainer – $15/hour. Students of English in other countries need practice with a native English speaker. Talking online with them pays well. Check out GoFluent.com or ISpeakUSpeak.com.
  • Online Nurse – up to $50,000/yr. If you already have a degree in nursing, this may be just the ticket. Check out MedicalJobsOnline.com, Medzilla.com, and Judge.com.
  • Search Engine Evaluator – $9-$10/hr. Companies like Google and Yahoo need people to check searches to be sure the right results are shown. Look at LeapforceAtHome.com and AppenButlerHill.com.
  • Customer Service Representative – $8-$18/hr. Many companies have a phone bank of customer service representatives, many of whom are working from home. Here are some places to apply: Arise.comAlpineAccess.comVIPdesk.comLiveOps.com, and Convergys.com.
  • Online Teacher – $30,000/yr. If you are a teacher, but would like a flexible or non-traditional schedule where you can work from home, this may just be a perfect fit. Teaching over Skype or other avenues. Look at K12.com and ConnectionsAcademy.com.
  • Virtual Tutor – $12-$35/hour. If you have pockets of time and an area of expertise, you might consider tutoring. Check out Tutoring.SylvanLearning.comTutorVista.comTutor.com, and Tutorzilla.com.


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