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Defining Success Online


If you are wondering what it takes to be successful online, this video is for you. I’ll define success and give you some tools to help you get there.

Comment below and ask questions – your’s might be featured in a future video!


  1. This video is definitely awesome indeed. Setting goals is a key factor in helping to ensure you keep on track and build a successful business. Along with dedication and hard work of course.

    • My problem in the past has been that I set the goals and then forget to make the plan or take action. Sometimes I do make the plan, but I have really dropped the ball in the action area. Once I started actually doing the action, my business took off!

  2. I enjoyed every bit of your video. People who want to be successful in life needs to watch this video. I agree with Chris that setting up goals is not everything in order to be successful but it is really a key component. Of course people need to understand that success is not an instant event. Thats why we need to set goals, and take everything step by step.


  3. Hey Faithe,

    Like your intro that is really cool :).

    I think a lot of online marketers just get focused on money. Are they making a ton of money? That really doesn’t measure your success though. It’s just one facit of business.

    For me goals are a big part to my success. I need to write down a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goal. I use Evernote to help keep me organized. Have you used Evernote?

    What strategies can you give us when you have setbacks and you don’t reach your goals?

    • Garen, you are so right. Many focus on money and their goals are all about money. In my video, I talk about money goals, but for me, my goals are really based more on number of clients that I can help and not so much how much money I can make. I do break everything down to weekly goals and steps of action. I’ve used Evernote in the past, but it did not work for me well. I am using Success Wiz on the iPad and have found it helpful. Love your question about strategies for coping with setbacks! I’ll cover that in one of the March videos!

  4. That’s a great video. Everyone that want to make money online should watch it. Setting objectives is really important in the process and will definitely help. It’s also important to notice that success don’t come easy. We have to work hard for it, right?

    • Yes, it takes lots of hard work. The point is that it is possible. Have goals, create your plan/blueprint, then create your steps of action. AND TAKE THOSE STEPS OF ACTION!!


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