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Converting Private Label Rights Content into Original Products


The beautiful thing about Private Label Rights products is that once you have paid to license one, it’s yours. You own it and can do anything you want with it – trim it, expand it, divide it into a series, make it a video, make it an ebook, etc.

One thing you probably don’t want to do is to offer it for sale as is. That’s because other people probably also bought this same PLR product and they could also offer it for sale as-is.

If you offer the exact same product as somebody else, it’s not original and probably isn’t going to sell as well. Instead, you want to modify the product to make it uniquely your own. At the very least, you are going to want to come up with a new title and list yourself as the author.

Editing Content to Make It Original

The first thing you want to do is to read the PLR product you bought from start to finish. Sometimes it’s helpful to print up a hard copy so that you can mark up the things you want to change and write down your thoughts as you encounter the text for the first time.

You also can use the Notes program on Word to do the same thing on-screen, if you want.

Creating an Outline

After you have become familiar with the product, make an outline of the parts you thought were well done and those that need to be improved. Be sure to mark any typos while you are going through it – it is much easier to see those the first time you read it!

Remember: You can use the existing text – either in total or in parts – to create your original product, but the best PLR products have the voice of the seller, so you are probably going to want to rewrite most or all of it.

Feel free to change headlines and sub-heads, rewrite entire sections, add new material and throw out parts you don’t like. Use the photos, illustrations and other images that came with the book, or get rid of them and find new ones. But again, find YOUR voice and put it in the material.

Research and Supplemental Material

This is where having a familiarity with the subject matter comes in handy. If you want to add new material to the text, you can either add content that you already own or search for additional content on the internet.

Wikipedia is always a good place to start. Be careful about copying and pasting whole sentences or paragraphs because if you do this you may be violating copyright laws and you could get in trouble.

Avoiding Legal Issues

Plagiarism programs can easily detect if you are stealing content from another source. Instead, rewrite anything you take from another site so that it is completely different from the original.

The same holds true with images. The images that came with the PLR product are yours, but you shouldn’t copy and paste images you find online into your new product, even if you have found the perfect image on Google Images.

A better plan is to purchase photos from a stock photo website. When you pay, you purchase the photos along with a license to use them as you wish, without having to pay any further royalties or fees.

You also can use images that are in the public domain. That means they are not copyright protected and you can use them any way you want.

If you are going to make a cover for the ebook, report, CD, DVD, video, etc., you might want to check out Canva.com. They make it easy and affordable (as in free most of the time).

Converting Private Label Rights eBooks and other files into original products is a fast, easy and effective way to create a high-profit Internet marketing platform that can start earning real money for you.

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