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Done for You Niche Websites


Have you decided on a niche yet? Don’t know what a niche is? Okay, let me start at the beginning and take you to done for you niche websites.

A niche is a segment of a market that is distinct from all others. For example, you might think that basketball is a niche because it is a part of the sports category, but it is not a niche. Niches are smaller segments. In this case, college basketball could be a niche, but even that is pretty broad. College basketball at Duke University is a great example of a niche.

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To find a niche to market to, you first have to decide what niche you’d like and if there is enough interest in that niche to be worth the investment of your time and resources. A bad niche would be something like the ant life in Africa. It is a small segment of a larger whole, but there just isn’t much to market in that niche.

Once you have decided on your niche, you need a website, some affiliate products to market (or your own) with a way to create pages to sell them, and an auto responder (also know as your list of emails of interested customers).

I know that can sounds like a lot to set up and get going. Thankfully it doesn’t have to cost you much to get started. You can find web hosting (a place for your website) for less than $10/month. Affiliate programs should be free (unless they are a scam). ¬†The software to create sales pages will run you about $27/month. And your mailing list to start out should be free or less than $20/month.

So, for around $60 you should be able to get going. So now you have a choice: spend the time to learn how to set up your website, hosting, email list, etc. or have someone do it for you (thus the done for you niche websites).

You can certainly go to a place like odesk, fiverr, or something similar and pay someone to do it for you. Or you can use my done for you niche websites offer. I’ll set it all up for free once you get your pieces (hosting, software for sales page, and auto responder).¬†Either way, you’ll need to learn how to take care of your website once you get it up and running. There is no better training than Wealthy Affiliate.



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