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Client Questions: Pretty Links Lite


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Today we’re going to talk about Pretty Link Lite. It’s a plug-in for your WordPress website. First let’s talk about why you would want to use it. Whenever you have an affiliate link from any of the places that you are marketing, there are a couple issues. One is they’re usually long and ugly. The second issue is they usually aren’t very well liked by social media such as Facebook or Twitter. So there are reasons to shorten them and to make them look pretty and to make them look different from an affiliate link. Another reason that you’d want to use pretty links is that you can change where it’s going and I’ll cover that in just a minute.

I went to Clickbank and found a randomly picked item and I wanted to show you this link right here (http://a777eem9jl4l1r2e9n8a8g5x4d.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=WEBSITE) is my affiliate link for that item. I think that it is Surveys 24. It’s a survey product – info product – and so this would be my affiliate link. You do not want to post this anywhere, certainly not on Facebook or Twitter or even do it directly with a solo ad. What we can do is go over to your website (I’ll just use my website as an example), log into your back office of your website. Now one thing I like about Pretty Link is that they do have a quick add right here on your dashboard which is really, really nice, but in this case I’m going to go into the pretty link part so that you can see what that actually looks like.

We’re going to add a pretty link by pasting in our affiliate link that we just created. Now they randomly create shortened link, but I like to put something that looks a little more, well, a little more normal – like surveys – since we know that this is a survey link. It helps to do that and then I can title it “Clickbank survey 24” which, i think, was what the product is called.

There are advanced things you can do here. You can group thing so that all your groups are together. For example, all of your ClickBank links could be together in a group. You can create a new group of clickbank or if you have a lot of affiliate links for one of your affiliate partners such as ShareASale, you can keep links together, or all of your MOBE links together or all of your Amazon links together. So you can group them if you want to. There are other advanced options but you have to upgrade to the pro version to use them and really there’s not a good reason to do that. The free option offers you plenty and at this point there’s really no reason to upgrade.

Be sure that the tracking options over here is clicked on, which is the default, so it should be. But be sure that that’s turned on.

Now we’re going to create this and you’ll see here at the top “Clickbank survey 24”. I didn’t put a group for this one. And here it created my short link that I can copy and use in Facebook or in my blog, for example. So that’s all there is to it.

Here’s a feature I like. You can see where for example, this link for Profit Canvas has 45 hits and 43 unique hits. So if you’re buying a solo ad as I’ve done down here at the bottom. I paid for 100 hits I got a hundred and twenty-four but this is a way that I can verify that I am getting what I actually paid for. So it’s really good for using for solo ads.

Here’s another nice thing about it. Let’s say for example the Profit Canvas link here needs to be changed for whatever reason (they changed affiliate software or offerings). If your affiliate link changes, you can easily change the target target URL and you still keep your pretty link. That means all the places that you put this pretty link are still valid. So if you’ve got an offer that expired at the end of the year, you can put a new offer in. That way all your links that you put various places are still good and to me that is a major, major reason to use this.

So there are lots and lots of reasons to use this awesome plugin that can be really helpful

One more thing, I need to make a comment here to be sure that your permalinks are set to “post name” because that is the format that Pretty Link Lite uses. So you need to make sure that this is set on postname otherwise pretty links is going to have some issues.

Okay, feel free to comment below, asking me questions, and ask questions for the next video and I will see you on the flip side.


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