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Client Questions: 2 Types of Marketers


Transcript (Edited)

Today we’re going to talk about two types of affiliate marketers. You’re going to fall into one of these groups. I thought it would be helpful to talk about these two different types for you to see which one is better and where you are and where you maybe should be. So let’s get started.

The first type of affiliate marketer is someone whose goal is to make money online by trying several things starting with the first thing that they see. They tried that program or that method or that plugin or whatever. They try it for a while – sometimes a few days, maybe a few weeks, maybe a few months. For whatever reason, it’s not working for them and so their response is “This method doesn’t work.” So they try the next shiny new thing that comes past them. And they keep going on the cycle again and again and again, year after year, plunking out money left and right for whatever the latest thing is, hoping that that’s going to be their ticket to making money online. Their goal is to find a product, solution, or method that makes money online for them.

The second type of affiliate marketer are those who see this whole concept of affiliate marketing as building an online business. They realize that there are roadblocks but they look for solutions instead of saying “this doesn’t work.” They find a way to make it work. They press on until they make money. They don’t start over and go back to square one. Most successful affiliate marketers who are viewing this as building an online business have a coach to help them with these dead ends – someone to help them press through that wall or find a way around it. The type of person who builds an online business picks one business model not five hundred of them,  or even fifty, or even five of them. They pick one business model and stick with it until it makes them money. But for them, money is not really the focus. They enjoy the business. It’s hard work, but it does pay once the foundation is laid. Their business model may be helping people with a problem or to be an authority in a certain niche. The point is to sell products or services to people who actually want them. So it’s not trying to make money online or trying to place the right ad in the right place that’s going to make money. It’s how can I help these people; how can I sell this product; or how can I service these people. That makes a huge difference in whether or not you are successful as an affiliate marketer.

So two types of affiliate marketers. And really you get to choose which of these two you’re going to be. One is a dead end, walking around in a maze that you never get out of because you’re always back to square one and always rethinking what you’re doing. The other is setting up a business model that works and seeing it as an online business and pressing forward until you do reach a level of success.

So I hope this is helpful for you to think through where you’re going to go from here in the early stages of your affiliate marketing online. It’s important for you to decide an effective path. I hope that’s been helpful and we will talk again next week.



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