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Creating a Highly Effective Call to Action


Effective sales copy on a website shouldn’t just suggest that the reader take specific action, but should demand the customer take a specific action immediately. This is known as the call to action (CTA) and it is the most important part of any type of sales copy.

Everything before the CTA should be directing the customer into taking the definitive action that you want them to take, whatever that may be: Namely, to purchase your product, subscribe to your service, click on a link, etc.

Rule 1: The Call To Action must be very clear and very direct.

There can be no fuzziness as to how you want your prospective customers to act. It is a critical point in the flow of your sales letter. If there is anything confusing or not crystal clear in your CTA, you risk losing your customer forever.

Don’t Ask, Tell

In your CTA, you don’t want to ask your customers to buy your product. You want to demand that they buy your product by presenting it as the only possible solution to whatever problem they are experiencing.

The early part of your sales copy simply sets up the problem. Then, introduce your product as the best and only solution and explain the benefits they will receive if they purchase your product.

You should also offer social proof that explains how your product has already improved the lives of others or received the endorsement of authoritative people. You also can offer bonuses to add value to your offer and provide an unconditional guarantee.

When you follow this structure, there should be no other course of action for them but to buy your product. That’s where you want to insert your CTA.

Often, the phrase “So what are you waiting for?!” is used right before the CTA. This is often the final push your prospective customers need to act on your clearly-defined CTA: To click on the link to buy your product NOW!


People prefer things that are familiar to them, so your sales copy should be immediately identifiable as sales copy. Avoid using strange or unusual formatting that your readers may find unfamiliar. To get an idea of what your web copy should look like, visit the sales pages of your successful competitors and see what they are doing.

You can often get formatting ideas from these pages. Another option is to run a Google search on high-converting sales pages and then “borrow” the formatting of those pages for your own. If they are already working for somebody else, those formats probably will work for you as well.

Colors and Fonts

Use standard, neutral colors and familiar fonts on your web pages so that you don’t alienate your visitors. Remember, when they arrive on your page, they are not yet familiar with you or your product. Do whatever you can to set them at ease.

Video Power

Video sales letters are another option for you to consider. You don’t need a lot of expensive equipment to create high-converting videos. Your laptop or PC probably already has a built-in camera. It may even be high definition.

If you choose to use a video sales letter – or include a short video on your sales page – write a script that includes all the key elements of your sales letter because the sales techniques are the same for video as they are for text.

Using the CTA to Close the Deal

If your CTA is clear and forceful, your pricing provides a lot of perceived value and is neither excessively higher or lower than your competitors, and you have engaged your reader on an emotional level to prove that your produce is something they can’t live without, then your sales letter will convert well.

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