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Client Questions: Creating Content


Today we’re talking about how to create content for your website. The best type of content is content that provides a solution for a problem that your readership has. So really what we’re doing is problem-solving. How do you know what problems your readers
are having? Watch the video for the tips.


  1. Faithe great video, I never thought of looking in forums to find content ideas. This video has my wheels turning now. I sometimes get in a rut but now I have all kinds of ideas going to me now. Thank you and have a great day!

  2. You have a great quality website Faithe and I think it’s great how you have leveraged a video to get your message across. Creating content for a website is what most people struggle with so it’s great that you are able to address this issue

  3. Wow, thats so true. Forums can offer great insight on content ideas. I’m definitely going to incorporate these helpful tips when writing out my next post. Thank you so much for this very informative post!

  4. forums are a brilliant idea, i didn’t realize i had such an untapped source right under my nose. wonderful how a new perspective can put a spotlight just where you need it. step back, open my eyes a bit and now the possibilities just fly! thanks so much for this, have an amazing day!!

  5. Yes, forums are a great location to find material and ideas for content creation. So glad I could point you in that direction. I hope it helps each of you find new material more easily!

  6. Hi Faithe. I hadn’t thought of forums as a way to look for content creation but it makes sense to answer questions people are asking. Thanks very much. Your video was really helpful and has given me some ideas. Keep up the good work.


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